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DUHA, the Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy


Foundation for infantile paralysis apprehended children
street kpt.Jaroše 324
541 01 TRUTNOV
Czech Republic
Dear friends,
Rainbow Corporation, Foundation for infantile paralysis apprehended children  came into being in  October 1991 as nongovernmental, unprofitableorganization. Right now, you are having a foundation material in front of you , which provides basic information to Rainbow Corporation.   

Whom and what does Rainbow Corporation support?
Rainbow Corporation is supporting over 50 centres - stacionaries, sanatoriums, children asylums with  afflicted /handicapped/disabled children. We are not avoiding a support of individual requests pointing to purchases of helping aids, special prams for handicapped children, wheelchairs etc. As well as the centres, we are supporting even individual demands within the bounds of Czech Republic, so, we are not territorially controlled for  giving a help.
Physical, mental, visual, hearing affliction occurs  due to infantile paralysis (mostly at a birth), children then „apply“ another diseases like diabetes, various paroxysm states etc.
We  are providing help within the  bounds of renowned projects, „Don‘t be selfish“ and  „Coin to a coin  If these projects point to organization of curative stay on mountains, at
seaside, to organization of sport, cultural events for handicapped children, again in the bounds of the whole Czech Republic.Together with this, we  are realizing reconstructions  of individual centres (Žatec, Vrchlabí…)fiting out centres with needed aids, and so on.
By means of project  “Lending office of wheelchairs, helping aids” ,we  are lending wheelchairs, special prams, rehabilitative tables with no charge and that is into centres as well as on the basis of individal requests.This kind of a help is free and since 1995 very demanded. Thanks to  project “Healthy teeth” we then cooperate with children dentist from Náchod, who cures children patients highly sensitively, precautionary measure is not unsignificant. Results within this cooperation give an anticipation, this area is being very often  underestimated.
We may state, that we “are behaving” as if  there weren’t anyone else here, because we can not relay on state authority, we can not relay on other unprofitable subjects, either, which often make faces as if they were “ Salvation Army “subduing whoever next competitors- where is then ethics of mutual coexistence, we don’t know…But to see  foundations
as competitors is nonsense. Whoever has asked for our help has not been rejected , we are helping to establish another foundations, civil associations in belief, if the help reaches children and won‘t be drawned in charges for the  foundation operation, wages, then it is fair….

How does Rainbow Corporationdiffer from other foundations in Czech Republic?

The foundation operates on  principle of  entire voluntarity with no employees regime,
with public control of its activitiesfor support of  handicapped children, auditory visualy, mentaly afflicted children. Since 1991, we are supporting 50 centres with afflicted children like stacionaries, children asylums, sanatoriums from the whole Czech Republic.
Basic foundation property isn’t formed with financial means, but as the only foundation it put into the basic fortune both logos expertly valued on sum 1,625,000 CZK minimum,
After we gain incomes from branding of both registered marks – it is well- known way of  property valuing  on businness standard in the world, here at conditions of  Czech Republic it is a rare  phenomenon so far….In the year 2002 basic property was increased with sum 13,963,000 CZK, that the foundation got in the bounds of means redistribution from the 2nd 
wave  of the Capital Fund Endowment realized by the Government office of CR, it is very prestigious appreciation and reputable support. Also means from this support are determined for support of foundation aims. The last, but very principled difference is the fact , that godfathers, honourable foundation chairmen are  noted personalities of sport, cultural life, who share activities, not only are they just “figures”, but they are interested in beeing informed about an entire activity, which they guarantee with their names and they check their undertaking so they are save from their compromise.
In accounting of foundation you will not find expences on rents, phone bills, “fares” ,etc., because all this is what draws financial means on children,and purpose  of the foundation is  a contrary - to help children….

Basic information to the company:
TRUTNOV, street kpt.Jaroše 32


foundation  established:
October 21st, 1991 under num.N-004/91  registered  at District office in Trutnov

foundation register:
Regional courthouse in Hradec Králové, section A, file 55 from January18th 1999

Basic property:
1,625,600 CZK in nonmonetary fulfilment 30.403.000 CZK monetary fulfilment from 2nd wave of Capital Fund Endowment CR founder: Zdeňek POUL, born 31.3.1963


 Structure of foundation executive council

executive council chairlady

executive council member

Ing.Pavel BACH
executive council member


Structure of  community supervisory council
supervisory council chairlady

supervisory council member

supervisory council member

Who is honourable chairman who is godfather?

After president and founder of Rainbow Corporation‘s appointing honourable chairmen of foundation became: 
Jiří Šlégr - ice hockey player, golden olympic medal holder in ice hockey, Stannely Cup winner in 2002, active participant of foundation’s programmes, specially of campaign  to project „Don‘t be selfish“,he has been  good soul of foundation since 1998.              
Josef Laufer - actor, film director, signer, who, along with his cooperation with the foundation, he took up legacy of his father MUDr.Maxmilián Laufer- pioneer in curing of infantile paralysis.Josef Laufer is actively participating events with children in centres, he brings happy days to kids in their homes, etc. He is in foundation since 1998
ArtistPetr Kadlec - well-known conservator namely cooperates on sights preservation with UNESCO organization, author of both foundation registered marks, active participant of the whole foundation happening. He works as an „ energy source“ during hard days.He is in foundation since 1991
Věra Martinová - signer, patron of centre in Nové Město nad Metují, she is always able to have very nice  surprises.

Foundation programme‘s godfathers:
General manager of HC  company Pardubice Zbyňek Kusý,
Jaromír Jágr- ice hockey player of NHL, director of Jágr team Prague Marián Jelínek,
MISS CR - Kateřina Stočesová, MISS SR 1999 – Andrea Verešová,
Martin Straka, Josef Beránek, VáclavProspal, Jan Hrdina - NHL ice hockey players, Ladislav Lubina, Jiří Malinský, Jaroslav Kudrna, Stanislav Procházka - ice hockey players of Czech Republic,Miloš Říha - ice hockey couch, ice hockey players group of HC company Pardubice, group of ice hockey players Jágr team Prague, couch Dušan Uhrin, HC STARS Prague team…
Honourable chairmen together with the godfathers participate on activities with children, so,this way they meet and get to know their stars, godfathers meet children’s problems and they are surely not standing aside.Groups of ice hockey players financially and materially support programmes going thanks to foundation straight to children and they are also control authority, which strenghten mutual trust to foundation.Gotfathers’ and honorable foundation chairmen’s verification is other foundation pier of trustworth. We ,here in foundation , say we have nothing to loose, everyone has the right to know everything about the foundation and also has the right to see everything, get to know everything...

Realization of individual projects:
  1. ,,Don’t be selfish”  v.s.9999(reconstruction of children asylums,, stacionaries, campaign with Czech ice hockey players in NHL)
  2. ,,Coin to a coin” v.s. 1111 ( appeals for concrete amount of 1111 or 2222, 3333CZK, 5555CZK into individual sections of private business, sport integrative actions of afflicted children are reimbursed.
  3. ,,Stacionaries” v.s. 630331 (equipment of stacionariesfor helping aids, computers, games, stays, free time, etc.
  4. ,,EEG”  v.s. 39703- equipment of apparatus as electroencefalograph for brain examination, etc.
  5. ,,Central hire of helping aids, whelchairs, etc. for the whole CR” v.s.695925(purchase of helping aids for a specific, as well as for a long-termed time period for usage as to children in the centres as well as individually.)
  6. ,,Healthy teeth” v.s. 695526 – prevention even treatment  in dentist consulting office doesn’t  have to be stressful for handicapped child, we have perfect cooperation.
  7. project ,, Home on the net”– v.s.7777 – effort for better communication among children in stacionaries, children asylums, and sanatories, effort for fitting up the centres with computer technology and its subsequent communication via internet, project is just about to be launched.
  8. project ,,Theatre plays of handicapped children” v.s.8888 – in cooperation with SPC Náchod and front czech actors are followed up on excellent results in work with handicapped children within the bounds of dramatic art courses.

Where is  possible to check foundation material?
Stacionary for handicapped children in Trutnov – director Mrs.BEZDĚKOVÁ – +420499813066
Jágr Team Prague – director Marian JELÍNEK, manager Pavel MARŠOUN
Bohemia Dailies, Krkonoše news – Jana MUDROVÁ, editor +42049812111

executive  council chairlady


I. Project:
                                ,, Don‘t be selfish
Realized by :
                      Rainbow Corporation
                      Foundation for infantile paralysis afflicted children
                      residence: kpt.Jaroše 324
                      541 01  TRUTNOV, Czech Republic
IČO: 15039188 , DIČ CZ15039188
Registration at Region courthouse in Hradec Králové from the 18th of January 1999
under num. A-55/99
foundation established : 21/ 8/ 1991
telephone num: +420499811601(answering machine + fax)
founder :Mr.Poul- +420777006951
telephone for English call: Mr.Bach +420602330407,Mr.Ondřej Poul +420774108951

Founders of project: ,, Don’t be selfish”
                                         Josef  Laufer
                                       Artist Petr Kadlec          
                        Jiří Šlegr- olympic winner in ice hockey
               Ice hockey players of JÁGR TEAM PRAGUE              
Group of ice hockey players HC  PARDUBICE
                 Zbyněk Kusý – general manager of HC a.s.Pardubice
                                Miloš Říha, ice hockey couch
     Project launched: 9th of July 1999
     Project ending: it is not set up ,yet,  running fulfilment
                 Why this project? What does it solve? Whom does it help?
Rainbow Corporation is helping 50centres from the whole CR, when it is a matter of stacionaries, children asylums, sanatories with afflicted children.Its furnishing , material ensurement of rehabilitative helping aids is very various and sometimes a quality of ecquipment already doesn’t accord with actual time period, actual needs.But it is always that ecquipment, where pedagogical personnel provides, on one hand.. Guarantee , that help will be used in a sense of needs gives guarantee, that help will reach the children at the other hand- kids need help, kids deserve it and it is not a ,, bottomless well”….
Always a specific center would be developed and that is so, in order everyone has the possibility to find out how the campaign helped, what was realized within the bounds of public control, in order no doubt about aids usage arise.
Project founders lend their names for project support when the campaign is supported to ensure enough of financial means for the project realization…
Project costs:
(excluding for : wages, ,,kilometer rewards” , telephone bills, rents….)
Post charge is costs that can not be evaded by legal way. Czech post has provided us discounts for needs of this project. Thanks to that ,we are having created space for addressing of firms and their possible project support when they can put given post charge to the project in to their firm’s expanses at straight invoice: Czech post -> firm.
Effectiveness of challenge then ensures distinctively higher financial means of cooperation with companies is also possibility to slip leaflet of project: ,,Don’t be selfish” to firm’s materials sent to customer, slip the leaflet to products sent to consumer, to account statements(from bank, mobile phone operator)when afterwards foundation confirms the capacity to the firm as a gift - value set up by spared post charge (talking of significant amounts)
Next costs item is a press of appeal when we try to solve this item by way of printing office sponsorship.
  Realized campaign:
1.     distribution of 1 million pieces of colourfull leaflets by way of Czech post, firms into households
2.     parallel spots and interviews  in radio broadcast
3.     parallel articles in the press
4.     realization of interviews in suitable TV program
5.     concrete action at media’s participation (1.action in July in Žatec on  participation of Children asylum Žatec founders, then in Children asylum Vrchlabí, sport event with Jágr team, ice hockey players of HC  Pardubice, artists)
6.     beneficial  action with profits for this project (fashion shows, beneficial concerts, charity collections, etc…)
Specific actions:
                   Children asylum Žatec: July1999-December2000- was adjusted within the bounds of reconstructional works, painted, ceilings were lowered and rooms were fitted up with heating, wall and ceilings facing realization, it was furnished up, fitted out with floorings, PC for children, consumers electrotechnology, entrance way ensured…
Initiative of reconstructions in Children asylums in Žatec is ice-hockey player  Jiří Šlégr,who lives in northern Bohemia and doesn’t want to be ,,just the well-known ice hockey player, in the project, but that one who really is helping….
 Pardubice : October-September 1999, 2000,2001 to 10th birthday of Rainbow corporation
Traitional events of summer holiday are actions of ice hockey players of  HC Pardubice, who ,within the bounds of summer preparations, play preliminary matches in specially made oufits with logo,, Don´t be selfish“ on a chest. At the first match of comming ice hockey season  they hand the outfits over into an auction with profit for project ,, Don´t be selfish“.Those outfits are signed even by Milan Heyduk, Dominik Hašek, Jiří Šlégr, Martin Straka, Jaromír Jágr – players of top czech competition in the past, now-a-days playing in NHL.They are holders of golden  olympic medals from Nagano.Ice hockey players of Jágr team, players of HC STARS then prepare culturaly-sociable actions with beneficial legend in benefit of Rainbow Corporation – in 2001 specially as a present to 10th birthday of Rainbow Corporation activities- it concerned to beneficial matches in football, big,,autographs signing action“, etc.
                          Children asylumVrchlabí: started in June 2000
Realization of children asylum changes itself is divided into several phases, 1.phase is reconstruction of buildings connecting trackt ,where offices from main building of asylum were moved after reconstruction. Main building is being reconstructed floor by floor to suit needs according to a new law.
Next action – always according to a work schedule in calendar year-when it comes to cultural, sport, beneficial actions.Our aim is to let healthy children get to know afflicted children’s life. Children Day, Nicholas, Christmas’ s distribution of gifts show, that handicapped kids are able to play with healthy kids without problems. The evidence is then , challenge of ,,small inhabitants of Trutnov “to their mates, to groups of extra-league teams, realized collection of toys, as well as financial collection for their friends in children asylum, sanatorium, stacionaries….
                               ,,MONA LISA  TO  CHILDREN“
We ,as the only in the world , have the work of art which you can only see in Louvre, when it concerns to picture of Mona Lisa valued as world unique masterpiece.
If unless you don’t believe and want to see it in absolute ease, silence, then you have to contact us on our telephone number(see higher up)
It is undoubtable original work- you will assure yourselves. Individual performances as here in Czech Republic, as in the world, go with the whole profit (entrances fees, broadcasting laws, etc.) to program, ,,Don’t be selfish”. You have an opportunity to use the work within the bounds of marketing strategy, because  we are owners and arranged conditions with Rainbow - “DUHA” are being closed with no  problems. Still don’t believe? So, bet?
                          Integrative sport and cultural actions during calendar year.
Always according to actions plan for calendar year like events. ,,Children days”, that we organize for more than 1500 children ,, Nicholas’s and Christmas party in centers”,ski contests for 500 participiants championship in table tennis for 350 participiants, swimming contests in Náchodand Trutnov as one big twodays integrative action, Spring and autumn carnevals, beneficial programs, fashion shows with profit for children  in centres, meeting artists, ice hockey players….
For II.half of year 2002 season we are talking about sport/traditional whole-republic action in table tennis for handicapped and  mentaly disabled in Dvůr Králové nad Labem (November) international swimming competition in Trutnov together with a category of desabled children and young in Trutnov (October), beneficial evening in Jilemnice (September/October), big ice hockey beneficial late afternoon as well as sociable evening in Trutnov 27th of December as a gift to all children – it is late,, CHRISTMAS PARTY“.Actual information to actions are in foundation websites
 other information :
      DO WE HELP???
    II.     Project: ,,MONA LISA TO CHILDREN“
….if we say four  words ,, we have Mona Lisa“ these reactions appears:
1.    They got mad! Get away from  them!
2.    What kind of an advertisement  trick is this?
3.    Unprobable, but what ,,if” – wanna see (and bets may be done)
….if you don’t belong to point ,,3”, we are glad you don’t think us a tricksters, and mentaly imbalanced individuals neither and we would be pleased to introduce you this unique gem. After viewing of this unique piece of art, we want, your joy to bring usefulness even those we are taking care of , that is why we have roofed whole happening with project: ,, Mona Lisa to children”
Yes, this sounds name of  a project, when famous work MONA LISA is helping children. Company DUHA, Foundation for infantile paralysis apprehended children owns unique piece of art ,,MONA LISA” It provides delight not only to visitors from its introduction to them, but  a form of entry fee, profit from actions in connection to this piece of art, marketing usage of this artwork for companies, that all then provide certain financial means for programs of Company DUHA aiming to disabled children.
…….still don’t believe. Do you still think, this is not possible?….
Well, then the only think you can do is ,that  you will see the beautiful MONA LISA after phone arrangement in safe place in Trutnov.
It is world unique jewel, in a form undoubtable original. By specialists it is valued  as artwork containing all details of work MONA LISA:,,photogenic look, mysterious smile, hand situated freely across”. After its viewing you will realized, that these lines don’t define astonishment of the picture you have just seen. USA, Japanese, arabian countries, where we will introduce the work too, are interested in this unique work by right. We will introduce it in  connection with companies, which are helping children here in Czech Republic.
To those children , who has much less luck at their birth than us, healthy people.
Purpose of usage of this unique work creates next possibility of cooperation between firm and Company DUHA. What? Why? We can find answers to this questions  at discussing of the whole problem….
Rainbow Corporation - Company DUHA, Foundation for infantile paralysis apprehended children with residence in Trutnov got two amazing unique works at occasion of  festive appreciation of annual fulfilment of project ,,Don’t be selfish” in June 2000.
One is renowned piece Mona Lisa , the second is Sixtin Madonna. Both were dedicated to foundation by co-owner of atelier Řeřichová and Řeřicha Mr. Milan Řeřicha from Praque, by the way, long-time  foundation partner and supporter of projects aiming to desabled kids.
Both artworks are created by composing of river shells in amount of about 100000pcs.THE number is not wrong! During a look  at both artworks you find out, that shells in picture of Mona Lisa are 3mm on average,  picture of Sixtin Madonna  they are even smaller..And other peculiarity is , that  the shells are not painted, they are in original, natural colour.So, collection and sorting out of shells, which was a need before ,, instalation in to a picture, itself, was as difficult  as the artwork- making out itself. Each artwork was made individually
, it is not underpainted, the work had took 1 year and even a glue itself is a natural object. The age  of both artworks is 5years. A donor gained  them as a show of thanks for support and developement of national coreian sport in Czech republic.
We are at a place of origin.You are guessing well, it is concerning to Coreian people’s democratic  republic, which was strictly closed to the world with communist fire-proof curtain until last year. Thanks to a political as well as racial rapprochement of nationalities of both coreian also nations political relationships  get wormer, and so, we were enabled to introduce on public something, that wears attribute ,,undoubtable original‘.Mona Lisa as well as Sixtin Madonna deserve it…
Czech children then by means of czech foundation gain  benefit from artwoks, which  an unknown author in a faraway foreign country created for them.That is a point of project ,,Mona Lisa to children“.
Everyone who sees these artworks on his own eyes, can support disabled children with financial contribution.
Let us invite you to a following presentations.You will see something that is remarkable , something you have never seen before….
Rainbow Corporation , Foundation for infantile paralysis apprehended children, Trutnov.         
                      What did they say about foundation?
                Words of our godfathers, our godmothers
Jíří Šlégr, icehockey player, olympic winner from Nagano 1998, Stanley Cup2002 winner : (Pardubice, October 22nd)
„ We , ice hockey players resists, that sometimes happen,various individuals make their living on a help purposed to children, so, nobody can wander ,
 we are carefull. But I was happy to meet Rainbow Corporation and got suggestions  from many friends to a cooperation.I would be glad to be part of foundation not only as a well-known personality, but also as an active helper. With my wife, I také  this offer as seriously ment whole problemacy .We can attract sponsors on to „our well-known ice hockey faces, and when we know the help reaches kids, our joy is twice as bigger.I thank to Rainbow Corporation for what it performes for children with whatever  handicap. And if you have the opportunity to give helping hand , I plea you, do it.Those merry children eyes worth it!“
(Vrchlabi, October 1998)
„ I‘m glad, I can help, too, and with my job I am folloving up with my father‘s work , who was as a doctor orthoped pioneer in infantile paralysis curing not only here in Czech Republic, but also in the world. I‘m glad Rainbow Corporation  has its own style, has public control, and it is company without employees. Every help is used in children‘s advantage, who didn‘t  have that much luck in their lifes like us-healthy people.
I will be very glad to help, very glad to participate actions with children.“
Věra Martinová:
(Dobruška, July 7th, 1997)
“ When I was addressed by Rainbow Corporation, I expressed my doubts about honesty of many foundations. Now-a-days I know, that at trutnov’s DUHA there is an warranty, the help reaches children. Me , myself, participate various gifts-hand-over into centers , beneficial concerts and I’m glad I can help this way to those  children who are missing the luck-then the joy of kids is wonderful. I’m crossing fingers, do well!!”
Miloš Říha, ice hockey traineer:
(Dvůr Králové nad Labem, November 18th ,1998)
“I was on one event, with Josef Laufer and children asylum’s representatives with children in it. That took me by heart and I’m happy I can help. Believe,
 I will not forget even in a new place of work, it has really addressed me and it is also thanks to Josef Laufer. I realized, everyone can help with his own way and he must begin on himself. That children joy worths  it!! We cross fingers
For all in Rainbow Corporation and believe, you got me on your side…”
Ing..Vlastimil Šubrt, senator, Trutnov, October 1996
“I consider Rainbow Corporation  and untiring voluntarily work of
Mr. &  Mrs. Poul for the one of the most useful activity in advantage of infantile paralysis afflicted children running in my senate constituency.”
Jaromír Jágr, olympic ice hockey winner –Nagano 1998
                  Marian Jelínek, Jágr team director
                 (Hluboká nad Vltavou, July3rd, 1999)
„ Jagr team belong among founders of project: “Don’t be selfish” and we are glad, we can be profitable also this way. What is common in the NHL is succesfully developing also in the Czech Republic, tradition of ice hockey players help to disabled children is something that warms at heart and I wish Rainbow Corporation - company DUHA and to the whole project as many donors as possible. And believe, we watch out the help of all donors would be purposefully used. We were there, when 1st part of the project helped children asylum in Zatec.
Martin STRAKA, olympic winner in ice hockey:
(Trutnov 21st of July 2001)
,, As an ice hockey player, representative of succesful sport I’m happy if I can somehow give a joy in a different way than only when on ice. That’s why I support this praiseworthy project aiming to disabled kids. I would like to express words of thanks to everyone who helps, after all,, heart doesn’t know an eclipse!”
Zbyněk Kusý, general manager of Hockey club Pardubice
Ladislav LUBINA, ice hockey player of Hockey club Pardubice
                   (Pardubice, 2000)
,, Ice hockey players of Pardubice, as well as, whole club belongs to founders of project,, Don’t be selfish” and we are proudly reporting ourselves to help for disabled children. We are proving integrative thoughts of handicapped children’s lifes are not strange to us and that we are not only talking about it.
Every help, let it be seemingly little help has its sense, that’s why we were helping e are and will be helping further in projects of Trutnov Rainbow Corporation - Company DUHA.”
Czech insurance company.HEALTH, a.s.
 Mgr.Petr Oršulík, gen.manager (Prague, October 1999)
Right in the title already, our  insurance office has a word that characterizes the most precious thing in the world – HEALTH. Unfortunately , we know this word performs for specific group of kids very faraway, what more impracticable dream. But it is only up to us, how will we make their often never-ending journey for that dream pleasant and by this way we help them to ease an uneasy, that much more admirable life. Please , join us and support only with a petite contribution this noble and very needed project.
…… thank you…..